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Rough Patch

70% of Gen Z claim that sustainability is important in their consumer decision making, yet over half have bought clothing from fast fashion brands. Rough Patch uses Gen Z’s love of self care as a motivator towards reducing their clothing consumption.

Despite Gen Z’s interest in slow fashion and bespoke clothing, they are not motivated enough by sustainability alone to reduce their consumption of fast fashion; contributing to the rubbish truck full of clothes that ends up on landfill sites every second.

Meanwhile, with 45% prioritising taking care of their mental wellbeing over the next year, and one in five young people experiencing mental health issues, Gen Z have the highest prevalence of mental illness of any generation. A study by BMC Public Health found “significantly lower levels of mental distress amongst those who participated in arts activities more than once a week”.

What if we could harness Gen Z’s engagement in their mental health to tackle their overconsumption of clothing?


Project length:

6 Weeks



Tools used:

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Figma, Sketch Up


Our goals:

  • Create a brand resonating with 18-26 year olds.

  • Make a scalable campaign (local to national) with a compelling identity and tone of voice.

  • Produce branded assets that unlock the potential of the idea & communicate it effectively.

The solution:

In partnership with Mind, Rough Patch educates consumers on how to create their own unique pieces using garments they already own, providing them with the tools to express their individuality, without the damaging impact on our planet.

Alongside the Rough Patch kit, the brand has a significant online community, installations to promote discovery, and the great material swap to keep customers coming back for more.

box design.jpg
open box.jpg
open book.jpg

The Rough Patch Kit 

Inside each kit are yarn samples and patches, knitting and sewing needles, and a customisable workbook to help newbies get started. To have a greater reach, Rough Patch partners with Mind, mental health charity, allowing these kits for free for all under 26s.

The workbook

Inside each workbook are recycled fabric sheets as well as paper pages, so users can practise their new-found techniques in a space made for making mistakes and testing out ideas. Each technique has a purpose-made tutorial to go with it, found at the QR code at the bottom of the page. With a DIY front cover and space to scribble, knit, stitch and draw - our workbooks weren’t made to be neat!

book cover.jpg
brand identity rp.jpg

Brand identity

Just like the seasons, Rough Patch changes with you. Each kit is tailored to that season, filled with the perfect selection of materials, along with seasonal stickers in every kit.

tiny jumpers.jpg

Tiny Jumper Movement

By distributing yarn-based creations across communities for locals to spot, the brand can gather greater discovery - whereby lucky passers-by claim a free Rough Patch label to use in their own project.

Customisable labels

Labels help to provide the context and motivation to get creative, with a QR code on the back for users to access Rough Patches online community & buy the Rough Patch kit, should they choose to.

yarnaby street.png

Street sign take-over

By re-naming several well-known streets in London, including Shaftesbury Avenue (Craftsbury Avenue) and Baker Street (Maker Street), Rough Patch engages a wider audience.

QR Code -> Community

Each street sign includes a QR code in it's design, leading those who scan it to social media hub to find out more, to Rough Patches online community, or to order their own kit. 

yarnaby street 2.jpg

Additional wayfinding

Surrounding the area of the Carnaby Street installation, we added additional signage & wayfinding to increase footfall - just in case anyone managed to miss it.

swap card.jpg
material swap.jpg

Practising circular design

Ensuring Rough Patch lives up to it’s sustainable intentions, the great material swap allows customers to send back materials that they no longer like or are too small to use in their original Rough Patch box, and receive new ones in return.

The great material swap

Returned fabrics are redistributed in new kits, or made into new workbooks - meaning your old garments could be the beginning of someone else’s! Use the return card to specify fabric requests, and the new materials will be processed and sent back within 10 days.

street stickers 2.png
DSC_0543 1.png


This project was my most highly commended project of semester 1, with feedback calling out how my extensive research and ideation enabled me to create a brand with such a wide reach. Completing this really helped me to work in a holistic, broader approach to design.


Within this project I captured all the imagery myself to help sell the Rough Patch vision. Within these, I was going for bright, saturated colours with a 'candid' feel, with a sense of dynamism and joy to represent the brand. I also crocheted the logo by hand, which I think helped to create an authentic and organic brand.

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