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In the UK alone, 18 million people are uncomfortable talking about death. Beyond is an organisation aiming to redefine how we think of endings, starting with our children. 

Modern medicine is developing faster than ever and, as a result, we’re dying less. But dying less has disconnected us from death; only 27% of us have spoken to a loved one about end of life care, which has resulted in 56% of parents with children under 18 without a will.

By introducing children to death earlier, we can provide them with a more rational understanding to take with them through life, reducing their risk of trauma or harm during a time of crucial brain development.


Project length:

7 Weeks



Tools used:

Illustrator, InDesign, Fresco, Procreate Dreams, Figma

open book 3b.jpg

Our goals:

  • Produce a brand that appeals to children, as well as building trust within teachers and parents.

  • Create a pitch that encompasses the brand for headteachers and local council members.

  • Facilitate intergenerational discussion both in and out of classrooms.

The solution:

Beyond is an organisation that encourages children to explore death in a supportive environment.


Delivered through interactive lessons, the Beyond programme includes a concertina workbook with purpose built activities for each child, a deck of playing cards to facilitate conversations and a dedicated learning space for children in the form of the Beyond bus.

skull page.png

The pitch

Headteachers and Local Council members have the autonomy to select what programmes they fund for their school(s). I created a video to give these stakeholders a taste of what Beyond is all about,  and doing so in the style of the animated lessons shown to participating children.

Activity book

Speaking with professionals in both education and funeral services allowed a better understanding of how best to help children engage with death in an informative and age appropriate way. Each activity is designed to challenge children of all abilities to reflect on their experiences, with interactive tasks to provoke discussion in the classroom and at home.

Brand identity

I curated a brand, including a logo to symbolises the journey children go on with Beyond - from confusion, fear and uncertainty, to understanding, security and ease. This sense of continuity is expressed throughout Beyond's identity, from the physical flow of the concertina workbook to the selection of typography. 

Brand identity.jpg
book 1.png
playing cards 2.png

Space to learn

The Beyond bus comes directly to schools, providing children with a dedicated learning space for children away from their usual classrooms. This enables Beyond to act as a packaged service, travelling to schools to deliver bespoke lessons and activities to children.


The Beyond programme develops empathy, honesty and understanding in children, but shares it’s benefits with the whole community.

Inside each child’s workbook is an invite to a complementary will writing workshop for all parents, organised by Beyond.

insitu 2.jpg
letter 1.jpg
cover image 2.png

Online access

Parents receive a letter home containing their unique code to access all of Beyond’s resources, from viewing their child’s progression through the programme, to advice from other parents and the wider community.

This gives parents the autonomy to start conversations with their children before or after certain lessons, should they wish to.



I received the 'One to Watch' award from Signet Branding at Loughborough's Innovation Awards for Beyond, and shortly after I was announced as the overall winner,. Beyond has also selected as one of three finalists for the 'Roulette' competition.


Beyond was my final project while at university. I pushed myself to think about narrative,  and explore mediums that I hadn't practised for a long time. I enjoyed producing a 'physical' outcome, while also crafting a service that would really have an impact on communities, something I want to continue to explore through design. 

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