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Airbnb Action

73% of Gen Z report feeling lonely sometimes or always. At Airbnb Action sparks meaningful connections through acts of kindness - proven to improve feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness is the latest epidemic among young people. Going through the ‘transitional’ stage of life, increased societal pressure and growing up in the digital age has produced Gen Z - the overstimulated and under-socialised generation.


Studies suggest that volunteering, can improve health, ease feelings of loneliness and broaden social networks. What’s more, 94% of Gen Z would be open to participating in volunteer work.


What if you could participate, connect, volunteer, and belong anywhere in the world, at the tap of a button?


Project length:

6 Weeks


Multidisciplinary designer

Tools used:

Figma, Procreate Dreams, Illustrator, After Effects

With thanks to:

Irene Menghi


Our goals:

  • Create a digital tool or experience that capitalised on Gen Z’s online connectivity.

  • Deliver meaningful in-person experiences through Airbnb, considering how to connect both homebodies and travellers.

  • Produce a video that embodies the brand to communicate how the solution would work.

The solution:

Action experiences are volunteer experiences embedded within the Airbnb App, available anytime, anywhere in the world. As well as the new-found connections and experiences users can get with Action experiences, AirPoints add another tier of engagement, whereby the more users earn, the more exclusive rewards they can unlock.

Action mode.jpg
Who's going.jpg

Action Mode

By providing personalised recommendations based on your interests, Airbnb caters to everyone, with extra categories to include any and all experiences. We expanded on Airbnb's icon collection to ensure that this was possible.

If users know what they’re after, they can use the Action Mode filter to view only action experiences on the map.

Build familiarity

Action experiences provide a greater level of detail before signing up to bring users assurance, particularly if it’s their first time. A key element to this was adding the 'Ask me' feature, to get advice from another user that has participated before.


Once users have signed up, they will be automatically added to a group chat for that specific event, providing a space to ask questions and receive updates.


Earn badges

Category badges are awarded for taking part in different Action experiences, and are displayed on the profile page for both guests and hosts to see. The more you take part, the more badges you can add to your collection.

Collect AirPoints

Taking part in experiences labelled with the Action tag earn users AirPoints, as does leaving reviews and answering questions from other users. This helps us to maintain user engagement, while also cultivating Airbnb's growing community.

Gamification: leagues

The more AirPoints users collect, the further they can progress through the leagues, unlocking unique opportunities. Apprentice league unlocks instant book for any Airbnb stay, while Guru league, gives users the choice of 3 rewards: 10% off their stay of choice, an exclusive 5-Star Airbnb experience with a friend, or to donate their points to a charity. 

Elevated profile card

By adding additional functionality to the profile card, users can view their league status, flipping over their card to track both their impact as well as their progress towards the next goal.

Guests and hosts can view each other's league statuses, building credibility. 

linked in.jpg

Get recognised

Airbnb's league statuses are recognised by LinkedIn; users can share their achievements adn be celebrated by everyone, helping young people to get noticed & progress their career.


A 1st person narrative

One of my key contributions to this project was developing personas through which to communicate a compelling narrative to represent what the Airbnb brand stands for. This took the form of hand-drawn animated characters paired with first-person narration, helping our concept resonate with the audience and adding a human touch. 

The response

This project was in response to D&AD’s NewBlood competition brief, which we submitted in March 2024. Unfortunately our submission was not shortlisted, and while this was disappointing, it has not dampened the pride that I have in what we were able to produce in just 4 weeks of working together.


Overall I am really proud of the outcome we produced; I think the way we built a compelling narrative while conveying the Airbnb Action concept worked well and developed my storytelling skills. Although, if I were to repeat this project I would perhaps portray the outcome in a way that is less about ‘proof of concept’ and more about selling the feeling that Airbnb Action brings to communities. This is could be something that sets us apart, making our idea stand out more from others, an insight which I will take forward with me to future projects.

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