The Future of Fashion Shows

  • Are fashion shows still relevant?

  • Could the fashion business work without them?

  • What might a fashion brand do instead?

  • What could the fashion show of the future be like?

“Relevant" meaning appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest. Taking this on board, I believe that - yes fashion shows are still relevant, they are something that we need to be able to express artistic creativity within the fashion industry. The initial concept of the first events consisted of presenting collections to fashion editors and potential buyers to gain visibility or sell pieces for the next season - the essence of the events has never changed. I think that slowly the relevance of fashion shows could be less and less. If technology comes together with the fashion world and they can reach an amount of empathy and chemistry needed to create such an emotive event it may be a step towards not needing them. Fashion shows influence style, textures, colours, prints, techniques and so much more. It’s become a hunting ground for discovering new talent, this is one of the reasons that so many countries have adopted the fashion week concept, and why so many brands want to be a part of the influence it creates.

We will always need fashion shows, whether that is because of the atmosphere that a live show can give, or because of the networking that happens within the event. As a brand you can be seen and discussed between industry professionals- these discussions won’t happen if were not physically together.

Under the peril our world is in at the moment things have got to change. These need to be things like reducing carbon footprint by using electric cars or reducing the use of plastics within show decor and fabrics as much as we can, brands promoting recycle and reuse  - these things will help the environment but will also keep our fashion shows where I believe we need them.

 There are some shows that will never be forgotten because of the impact they made - whether that be a fashion impact or something else.

Could the fashion business work without them?

To answer this question simply, yes.  It is possible and in time the technology will grow alongside the fashion industry making this more possible. However, I don’t feel that we should ever dismiss fashion shows. We need to step back and carefully consider the ways we can change things for the better, but I don’t think the fashion industry/business without fashion shows is a good resolution - or even a good idea.

I believe brands themselves will become more involved with branding and promoting their items. Fashion shows have always been a big part of promoting and I think people would have to find innovative ways to grab people’s attention. The use of VR, holographics and other digital shows/ catwalks are becoming available more and more within the industry to assist the ways we work. It may be that brands come up with more digital marketing ideas, like magazines for themselves to showcase their items, these may again have more and more technical benefits that we haven’t discovered yet.  I do believe there will be a time where interactive merchandising will come in, enhancing the experience of buying. My favourite idea is to have holographic shows and I think this is the nearest experience to the real thing - you could literally have fashions shows wherever you want! All these things would enhance the experience, but I don’t feel they will ever sit in place of physical shows due to the networking that occurs - I think that side of it is crucial for all brands.

Fashion weeks and shows are currently facing an era of change; due to this pandemic and the issues with climate change we realise we need to take course of action.  Although the interior of fashion shows may change, the framework won’t; these shows hold huge influence over how people dress and what they buy. (Links to an external site.)



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