Style & Create a Series of Photographs

When doing these three shoots, I was really excited and kept thinking… How would these look on Instagram? What would people be attracted to? If I was a customer myself what would I be looking for? What type of content would I want to follow? Throughout taking the photos I found myself so engaged with these questions that I wasn’t thinking as much about the style as I should have been, However, my mind did touch on these things which did keep me on track. After I had taken these images, I loaded them to my laptop and went through each of them choosing which I liked and why.

I really enjoyed the process it was a creative task that made me think about what people including myself look for within the marketing areas, especially within social media. I created these images using my MacBook as a marble background (the case). I love marble I think it gives a stylish yet timeless look. Then I had my phone light leaning against my camera bag to give different lighting.


Mood Boards 

I designed a mood board for each shoot i did these are just some of the images.

Chosen Photos with Questions & Answers