Creating a personal persona just from analysing an image.

For this task we were given the image below and we had to write about her in detail and answer some questions we were given for example how old is she, whats her job..etc.

straight up image -.jpg

The paramount elements within this photo being the red double decker bus and the blurred surrounding communicate ‘London’ to me. Combining the bag, she’s carrying and the way she’s dressed my thoughts are that she lives and works in London, hypothetically within the creative industry. She seems to be engaging with her phone which implies to me that it might be something relevant within her line of work. In my opinion she is emanating a glowing confidence, which i expect that comes through because she’s living her life in an environment, she loves along with doing a job she loves.

I get the idea that she would buy into all different types of brands, examples being Fendi, Nike, Adidas, Topshop, &Other Stories, Zara, Calvin Klein, Allsaints and Tommy Hilfigure. These giving her, her own personal and unique style.

I would expect her to travel to lots of exotic places such as Thailand, the Maldives or Iceland but also would be just as at home relaxing in the south of France or Italy.

I would state, her hair care and skincare seems important to her, she doesn’t wear too much makeup if any - using it to enhance her natural features. I expect she would buy beauty products aspiring to be sustainable like Giorgio Armani, Dior, Lush, L’Occitane, Bobbi brown, Body Shop, and Origins.


Authentic. Vibrant. Edgy.


I expect she would buy into brands in which are aiming to have similar values as her own, whether that be high street or luxury brands - she would pick items she likes rather than a brand name.



I would say she enjoys reading all magazines but specifically i can imagine her appreciating the lifestyle magazines a-lot, enjoying looking for all types of inspiration. I can imagine her having these on digital subscription - Vogue, Grazia, Glamour, GoodFood, Condè Nast Traveler and ElleDecoration.

I would guess she has a partner; I personally don’t think that’s something you can particularly judge in a photo and is extremely hard to.

Along with that she has an extremely unique style, her glittery rainbow bag and her - what I presume are -crushed velvet wide leg trousers are lush. The leather look coat looks really well made; I was thinking maybe vintage. She has an iPhone I believe -but nowadays it’s more affordable for something like that therefore making that hard to judge. She has an almost 'casual- sporty' style but with the coat giving it a bit of formality. Her use of colours within this outfit are really intriguing to me, there are soft pinks, harsh blacks and a multicoloured rainbow bag - she manages to carry these all off perfectly together. To me either her Nike shoes or her tailored coat represent her the best, and I would expect they are her most loved pieces.

Straight Up Image