Stella McCartney Bodysuit 
Instagram Advertisement Storyboard 

During advertisements, often the perception of a particular lifestyle is created to engage the observer; creating them to interoperate the product within a lifestyle. It’s the same with perfume adverts, for example you are never able to smell the perfume...however you are captivated by the feeling that it gives; these are often the feelings of love and confidence.

I want the video to let you see a glance of a journey as it flicks through each short scene, capturing dream-like feelings. Throughout the storyboard I have written those feelings within each page including definitions to explain them. I would also consider adding a small statement overlaying the video - something like ‘nature is kind to us, we need to be kind back’.

I chose this garment and designer to highlight the international move towards more sustainable fashion. Being sustainable and eco-friendly is a drive that is currently affecting everyone. Stella McCartney says that as a company they “use the EP&L to measure the impact of every part of our business” this alone is a huge matter - not only does Stella care about the garments being made sustainably but the company itself is creating its environment to be sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. That is what makes Stella McCartney stand out from others; she goes beyond the first step to make sure she is doing the best for nature, while being completely truthful that it is still a working progress. The bodysuit has multi-purpose uses, it can be worn as lingerie and swimwear. This stylish piece was created with perforations under the bust and at the waist in order to define and flatter the figure.

My target audience is 18-30, I believe this garment was designed for this range – therefore I created the advertisement for people who it would most likely sell too. I am using Instagram as my format of social media as it is used by the target audience, therefore the video would be no longer than  30-40seconds. I would also create a photoshoot using a variety of models, this would be for other modes of advertisements on other platforms to compliment the video.

My storyboard was designed to give a good understand of how the short video needed to feel to the consumer viewing it. The storyboard uses words from the Stella A-Z alphabet as I wanted to incorporate this within the creation.

The key protagonist I chose was Miranda Kerr, owner, founder & CEO of KORA Organics which is a Skincare brand designed around sustainability. “Through careful collaboration with experts in microbiology, organic chemistry and aromatherapy, this brand says they specialise in natural formulas using key ingredients chosen for their powers of natural healing and protection for the skin. Ingredients such as rosehip oil, green tea and sea buckthorn oil are said to be natural balms for the largest organ of our body.” Miranda tries to be kind to the planet in everything she does. Even her house is created around being eco-friendly for example she has installed Skywater 300, which traps the moisture from the air and transforms it into water. She also likes to wear Stella McCartney clothing therefore I believe she would be the perfect fit.

The music behind an advertisement is important to the audience and can quickly change how they receive their visual content. For this advertisement I have chosen Baby Blue – From “Our Planet”. I wanted the video to feel uplifting and dreamy while also holding onto nature. The album is all about the natural world: inside and out - The album itself is packaged in ecological material, made from algae and FSC fibres. Someone on the team said “Everyone involved in the project is proud to have been a part of it and hope that it can be seen as far and wide as possible in spreading Sir David’s crucial message.”

The key purpose of this campaign is to sell the product. However, I would love to think that this also signifies an environmental ideology. Stella McCartney said herself she doesn’t like to preach at people but give them the knowledge, therefore I thought this should be taken in a subtle manner.


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