Photoshoot Production 

for a magazine advertisement 

Option B: Photoshoot Production.


This would be a shoot for a magazine advertisement. Advertising the 'fresh handmade' cosmetic brand Lush. This would be a couple of pages typically a magazine like Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan.

This could be constructed to captivate a more male audience. With the production team using male models, keeping the natural styling throughout, and seeking ideas from products targeted at men.

For this particular production I would aim this towards women aged between 10 – 30. Hoping to entice the readers with images making them feel relaxed, fresh and beautiful. 90


I wanted to capture the natural, handmade side of the brand. Lush are also a brand who care extremely about cruelty free, they haven’t brought any ingredients tested on animals since 2007 - They don’t even use suppliers involved with animal testing.

The company are also trying to improve their efforts to reduce the amount of energy used to produce, transport and sell their products. Carrier bags are recycled, they also use 100% biodegradable recycled paper gift wrap.

I would try to capture the ‘natural’ feel for the production whilst adding touches of the flare the brand has.


I have two ideas for this, one being to go to Iceland, blue lagoon. The water is a warm temperature with a milky colour blue water, this is so calming yet it captures the brightness and flare needed for the advertisement. The other place would be natural flower fields, they appear in many places globally. I specifically looked at Belmont Nurseries Tulip Fields in East Winch, Botanical Gardens – this would less travel therefore eco-friendlier (I think the brand would prefer).


I would have Matt Easton as the photographer on this shoot. He is a photographer who I believe can capture the natural beauty of the model and the location. He also makes incredible videos/clips, this would really add depth to the advertisement, for social media or for the digital subscribers of the magazine. I would want this to represent the brands commitment to staying natural whilst still being able to craft beautiful products. I would want to capture how these things would make you feel by using movement within the video, using the light to create a warm feeling through the flowers or sparkling across the water.


Making you feel if you had their products you would feel relaxed, smell gorgeous and its natural so all good for you and the environment. Capturing movement, within the flowers/water, the use of light sparkling on the water and a warm light through the flowers. 

I would use a female model for this, I would love to use someone like Hailey Bieber. Matt Easton has done a shoot with her before, he captured her natural beauty perfectly. Hailey also has a huge following within the target clientele were aiming for.