Literature Project

The Butterfly Lion

Context Statement:

My project was inspired by the book The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. After reading this book I thought of many things but the one thing that was on my mind was the butterflies and nature that went on throughout the book therefore I have used ‘nature’ as my theme and I am looking closely at butterflies and flowers.

Fashion and textiles is something that is forever changing, I have been looking at summer 2017 trend forecasts – From looking at these and researching as much as possible, I was able to pick some 2017 summer trends that I believed were relatable with my project.  I looked at frills/ruffles, flower power and sheer layers. For my literature project I am looking into flowers and butterflies (nature) therefore I believe that those trends go very well as many flowers have a ruffled edge and can be sheer and layered. The samples that I will be constructing will be created for summer 2017 womenswear as I believe the colours and theme will go best with the females and the summer weather (e.g. pastel colours). Looking at these has inspired me to look at ruffles and the flowers that ‘ruffle’, I will look at how to do ruffles and other construction/stitching and other ways to create an effect that is similar.

Damien Hurst



Diameter: 2134 mm | 84 in


Kaleidoscope Paintings

It's Great to Be Alive


Diameter: 2134 mm | 84 in


Kaleidoscope Paintings

Marcelo Monreal

 Marcelo Monreal is a graphic designer and creative director based in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In a project titled Faces [UN] Bonded, Monreal opens up the faces of actors and models and fills them with flowers. Although some of them might be hard to identify from within the ferocious bloom, you’ll see the faces of Julianne Moore, Cara Delevingne, Christopher Walken, and more. By splitting the model’s/actor’s faces along the fine curvatures of their jaws and down the center, the artist accentuates their physical features. The flowers reveal a deeper, more internal vitality.

The idea for Faces [UN] Bonded comes from a very important memory for Marcelo: an insight passed down from his late mother. As he explains in this interview with Dettona, when his mother was dying, they worked in the garden together, and she told him “we are made of flowers” (Source). Marcelo now continues this understanding of human vulnerability and beauty by filling photos with floral arrangements. He seeks to “think, experiment create, recreate, learn, destroy, rebuild” in his work, encouraging all burgeoning artists to explore their potential in a similar, imperfect, and blossoming ways.

This was a version i created using Adobe Photoshop.

Materials and Techniques  

-  How it links to my Concept/Project



This links with my concept as I am doing Extinction and silk is made from a particular worm, therefore if this worm went extinct we would have no silk. This also relates to my project because it’s made from an animal also I have used this because it is a lightweight fabric.


This links with my project as it is a sheer fabric and I have been using sheer materials to use layers. Also I looked at the trend sheer layers for summer 2017.



This fabric is a sheer crisp cotton, this links to my project as I have looked into sheer layers 2017 summer trend.



I have used polyester because it is a synthetic fabric, I used this for heat transfer printing because you have to use synthetic fabrics for it to transfer.



I had thought about using cotton in my project because I had thought about tie dying and trying to get a butterfly or flower shape, for this I would have used cotton because it takes the dye the best.


How it links to my Concept/Project



This links with my project because I am looking at flowers and many flowers have that ruffle shape on the edge, also I have looked at the summer 2017 trend ruffles and this has linked because my collection is for womenswear summer 2017. (To do this you gather material)


Sheer layers

I have looked at sheer layers because again layers are in flowers and this was another trend that I looked at for summer 2017. The ‘sheer’ material will go well as I am doing it for summer and this is a lightweight fabric.



I have used heat transfer printing throughout my project as it is a unique way of giving fabric colour. I have used transfer crayon and transfer dye which you have to iron on to a fabric. When I was doing this I put dot of the dye on a page and folded the page over squished it down and opened it to different unique shapes some I did my best for them to look like butterflies. Also I did some tree rubbings and leaf rubbings. This goes with my project as I am doing ‘nature’. I also do some printing with leaves but just with paint



This is dripping hot wax onto paper or fabric and then if you put colour over e.g. dye, it will go around where the wax is because the wax will resist it, I did this in my project because I was experimenting with different techniques and media.



I have done different embroidery techniques, I have done hand embroidery, machine embroidery and free machine embroidery. These techniques you can use for anything because you are able to choose the colours and the design, this is time consuming and delicate but looks lovely when finished.



I created some cool kaleidoscope designs with the flower and I looked at Damien Hirst who did artwork using butterflies which looked like a kaleidoscope.


I used Photoshop to create repeated prints and other things, I also made my face look like it had flowers coming out of it as I had been looking at the artist Marcelo Monreal


I used Photoshop to create repeated prints and other things, I also made my face look like it had flowers coming out of it as I had been looking at the artist Marcelo Monreal

Here are some images that inspired me throughout this project.

Embroidery Layout/Plan


I created this plan/layout for my embroidery, this meant I had a guide to follow, i really enjoyed creating this, i made sure there were floral elements and this also included a butterfly. 

Here are some images that I Photographed throughout this project.

Target Audience


My target audience is Women, I believe that this will suit females better because it will be using patterns like butterflies and floral style also the colours will be pastel which I believe women will prefer to males. After looking through summer 2017 trend forecasts I understand that ruffles, fine/sheer layers and flower power are ‘in’ which I will be using in the collection. I believe this collection would be best in summer 2017 also the pastel colours will complement the weather.

Final Evaluation

My FMP was inspired by the book “The Butterfly Lion” Written by Michael Morpurgo. After reading this book I decided to look at the theme of nature and from this I decide to do flowers and butterflies. After researching these I looked at techniques and ways of creating samples to link with my theme. After researching into flowers I decided to look at extinction and seed banks at Kew garden. Both butterflies and flowers are similar in ways such as their delicate, fragile and colourful. I have visited places that have inspired me throughout my FMP. This has led me to develop my ideas. Throughout development I have been experimenting with different medias and techniques to create different outcomes and effects. I have used Photoshop to create digital prints and edit photos throughout the project. You can see throughout my FMP book that I have made a lot of developments. I kept most of my analysis written on my blog to show development and experiments/ outcomes. I looked at artists and designers during my project and they have shown me new techniques and have inspired me to do new things. For my primary evidence I created an A3 folder full of primary sources (photos). I started photographing flowers when they first came into bud in the spring and carried on throughout their life cycle. This was interesting to watch. I was even able to watch some baby birds grow. Certain flowers came in different forms, eg shape size, colour and style. These inspired me to look at varying shapes, colours etc.

I have been experimenting with different medias like heat transfer products, batik, embroidery; including different stiches, free machine embroidery and beading. Some of these outcomes have worked well and unfortunately some did not. However, I have developed the ones that worked to create my samples. For my first sample I used my laptop to create a print that I chose to use and afterwards I printed it out and transferred it onto the fabric using carbon paper and tracing the design for it then to print through on to the fabric.  Once it was transferred onto the fabric I free machine embroidered the stems and leaves with a green cotton before hand-embroidering using French knots, bullion knots and then beading to add a different dimension.

The final major project overall has been a success, I have really enjoyed looking and learning about nature. There have been things that I never knew before, like preserving seeds in seed banks and I have learnt the names of different flowers and their features. I have been able to use techniques that I have learnt before and developed them. I have also learnt new techniques that have helped my project develop and increase my knowledge. Throughout this project I have tried to be as organised as possible and planned out when things needed to be done by. However, things took longer than expected and therefore I will try to space my timing better next time.