Influencer & Brand Collaboration Campaign 

by Georgia Smith


Karoline Ekra X Chloè

I have chosen the influencer @heikarol/ Karoline Ekra because she has lovely aesthetic imagery/content. I like the way her images look together as an overall Instagram. She currently has a small following approximately 4,200.

I chose the brand Chloè, I wanted to use a brand who sold a wide range of luxury merchandise.

I believe Karoline Ekra would work well for the brand as her aesthetics run alongside the brands identity. I believe she has the right fashion style and would reach the right age range.

This would mainly be covered over Instagram; I would like it to be a joint effort. I think this would work brilliantly as a collaboration where the brand shared content too.

I wanted to include some ideas to get the attention of her followers and non- followers. Firstly, I created a hashtag - this will mean there will be people able to interact without already following. I also created a giveaway, this would have rules i.e. - follow @heikarol and @Chloe, like this image, tag a friend and add to your story. By doing these things you will be able to grab the attention of someone who isn’t a follower and gain there following. Creating eye catching content is key to getting new following - short and sharp information so they don’t get bored. I also created a postcard size promo - this was something extra that can be delivered with purchases from Chloè. The ‘Live in conversation’ was to create a chat this would be over Instagram to engage the followers and create a friendly atmosphere to gain more engagement. Karoline will also be given a discount code that she will be able to share after the giveaway is finished - this will draw more direct sales.


If I were to arrange something like this in real life – I would love to use someone like this as the brand and influencer align with ideas and aesthetics. However, if this was real it would have to be someone with more of a following – this is simply because the more followers the influencer has the easier/ better it will travel and share.