Inclusivity and Diversity

Magazine front covers 

For this task we had to choose magazine front covers that showed inclusivity and diversity and explain out views on them.

I chose these 4 images because I believe these show a variety of diverse and inclusive images/magazine covers from within the industry. i love the message that all of these give off, each one is individually inspirational.

Dame Judi Dench


Styled by @kphelan123 -Kate Phelan.       

Hair by @sammcknight1 -Sam McKnight.     

Make-up by @thevalgarland -Val Garland

Set Design by @tomotattle.  -  Andrew Tomlinson     

Nails by @mikepocock -Mike Pocock.     

Photographed by @nick_knight  - Nick Knight


Judi Dench Answers Questions From 18 Of Her Most Famous Fans | Ask A Legend | British Vogue


Johnathan Van Ness  

^ This includes everyone who was involved in the shoot ^

Vogue Arabia April 2019 Cover 


 Model- Halima Aden (@halima)

Model - Amina Adan (@amina_adan)

Model - Ikram Abdi Omar (@ikramabdi)

Editor-in-Chief Manuel Arnaut (@mrarnaut)

Photography: Txema Yeste (@txemayeste)

Fashion Director: Katie Trotter (@katieellentrotter)

Make up: Karim Rahman (@karimrahmanmakeup)

Art Direction: Donna Williams (@donnasamanthaw) In an issue dedicated to female empowerment, we catch up with US congresswoman Ilhan Omar, athletes Ibtihaj Muhammad and Zahra Lari, and CEO Ghizlan Guenez, among other inspirational women.


Forces for Change - Vogue September 2019