Mood Board - 2050

Guessing the Future 

I loved this task, the idea of looking into the future, there are so many different ways to look at this but who really knows what’s going to happen, we can’t predict the future in a specific way. 30years ago looking forward we didn't even have mobile phones or computers; all these things dictate the future of fashion in ways we could never imagine. However, I have tried to think about the effects of the things that are happening now to imagine what the future might look like.

Sustainability within fashion I believe is becoming and will become the main issue, in 2020 we already have enough clothing to clothe the next SIX generations! Therefore, I believe recycling and other natural methods will come into place otherwise we will be creating an enormous burden on our environmental system. The boards above are showing the floral, pastel colours and ways in-which I believe nature will come into fashion.

In the image below I wanted to show how nature is not just pastel colours, it can be bold, bright, illuminated, and can give a-lot more than what people expect. Our natural world is truly stunning and if we can bring a more natural way into the fashion industry, we will be able to keep the environment as beautiful as it always has been and always should be. 

I think modelling and advertising will change immensely within the next 30 years, I think we will see changes within the way people are seen and beauty is perceived. I think there will be two sides, there will be the natural side which will be an environmentally friendly in-which advertisement will use any models being there natural self. The other being the crazy, new technology side of things. 

Advertising will change in ways with technology, for example we might have holographics, therefore we might be able to have the technology to advertise clothing right in front of you, or you might be able to try it on without even touching it. even now we are seeing digital changes within advertising, magazines are having digital affects. 

 Which leads me into the technology, we may at this time have technology that makes it so we only have to make clothing digitally for example, we might be able to just press a button and change our outfits instantly. Therefore, the roles of fashion will change extravagantly, to me this would be so cool! and there would be no waste when it came to the environmental issues.

Technology also plays a huge part in this, we are starting to see experimental things happening with light, heat, movement, textures and all sorts of imaginative ideas that we can think of. These are very slowing beginning to be seen on the catwalk now, therefore I believe by 2050 we will be seeing more of this within the 'high street' fashion, however, to contradict what I said we may find this creates to much environmental damage and we cannot proceed with those methods.

We have to look backwards in fashion to understand how things have moved forwards and also a lot of what is coming are ideas from the past therefore being able to understand that, will help create the future fashion. 

The silhouettes will change we have always seen such gender formats within silhouettes which I believe are slowly adapting and by 2050 we will not have such gender defining silhouettes. However, I do believe we will still see the male and female sides too. I think in this time silhouettes will be important, and I think there will be many different abstract ideas. I imagine there will be a major element of comfort wanted within fashion, fabrics and textures at this point.

None of these images are my own, nor the gifs - here is an amazing gif creator - some of there work was used within this task