Fur or Against?

Our video that we are creating is having the use of colours in a way that we will give off the idea of freedom. We use red and yellow covers in a snippet of the video to try and create an atmosphere and feeling of calm freedom. This was to try and make people realise that these animals need to be free and need to feel that way too. They shouldn’t be trapped and slaughtered for our benefit and vanity.



For our concept of this project we have decided on ‘freedom’ we have chosen this because we believe this will attract our target audience of 14+years  because we will be using non-graphical images and its more of a positive feel (even though the meaning/problem of it is negative) which I believe will attract more people. I believe our campaign using freedom will be successful because it will make people want to watch it and share. In our video we have used different techniques to represent ‘freedom’ for example we used the photography room and used plastic light covers to create red lighting and yellow lighting which gave an atmosphere throughout the video. We added thing that make you feel ‘free’ like birds flying across the sky, the sun coming from behind, empty fields etc. many of the videos were slightly edited to create the video, for example we added filters to create a haze, slow motion to create the feeling that you’re in the moment. We used the lighting in the video best as possible whether it was to create a bright shine or an atmosphere of freedom. I feel that our video will work with our target audience and the concept that we used I believe they will enjoy the video but they will still understand the point we were trying to get across.


These photos/videos were taken by my team throughout the project for the final video production.

Target Audience

The target audience we chose for our campaign was 14+years, we chose this because we believe that people this age should understand what happens especially if they are thinking about going into fashion or just thinking about buying fur. This audience is someone who would shop in reasonable priced shops in the high street etc. I decided this because these are the type of people who will was to know the trend and the fashion but maybe don’t know what goes on behind the making therefore we can inform them of this. My target audience probably wouldn’t know about the fur industry but have possibly brought faux or real fur before. We are going to create a campaign video tailored to this target audience, we have researched what types of social media they use and how we can get the point across to them.

 We believe that showing the inhumane videos of animals being killed for fur are something that will stop people buying fur but we also thought this wasn’t something that someone was going to want to see on social media, meaning they probably wouldn’t share it therefore the point isn’t getting as ‘across’ as we would have liked. Therefore after seeing a video from Stella McCartney called ‘respect animals’ on Instagram we decided to be inspired by this video and try to make our video give the same impression, her video created a mood and an atmosphere of freedom. Which then made you think about how the animals aren’t free and they’re being killed for our vanity. Therefore we tried to give the same atmosphere in our video, we used ‘freedom’ as our concept because we believe that our target audience would understand this and feel the same way as us - animals should be free.


What is Vlogging?

A vlog is a video blog, somewhere where people can document anything and share it on the internet e.g. youtube. Sometimes this can be a paid job and you can have people vlogging their day etc. this is a fun and easy way to show thing off, and add them online for sharing.


Where to vlog?

You can vlog anywhere that supports video content, but that's not all you need. The first step is to identify where you want to blog, as in which website you should use to post your blog content.

YouTube is a huge website that hosts lots of vlogger's content, and it's absolutely free.


These photos are to show different things from different angles and perspectives, something that can play with the eye. The shoes are not a mirror but just two people wearing the same shoes, which I thought worked really well because you can only see slight changes in the photo. I also like the one of me and Mary standing with a book in front of us because this gives the illusion we have different heads.my favourite picture is probably the light because its symmetrical and because the light is bright compared to the rest of the room it is dark all around it giving the light better effect.

This worked really well because it has inspired us to look at different ways of filing for our video and has also made us think about the way we can lay posters out etc.

Problem Solving

Throughout the project we have come across things that we have found difficult or found a problem with, therefore we have had to find a way to solve these things to complete the project.


Video timing, we found that our video was getting too long because we thought that our target audience would want a short video to grab their attention rather than a long one that would drag out. Therefore after editing the video we had to decide what snippet videos we really wanted in and whether we were able to cut them down or speed them up to create a shorter time.


Music, this was a dilemma because we had decided on doing a heart-warming ‘freedom’ video therefore using music thst would create that atmosphere. We had decided on a instrumental. However we then became aware of the copyright rule in which we couldn’t then use this music, this made it very difficult to find music that we could use that fitted what we had decided on. As a group we decided on *jive*, personally this wasn’t what I would have chosen before but this was a good alternative as we still felt that this was aimed at our target audience of 14+years.


Time, throughout this project I have been struggling with the time scale because we have been applying for university and we have had portfolios to make for interviews, therefore that’s been very stressful and this caused me to struggle with the time scale. To help with this I made to do lists and tried to get as many things done as possible then once my portfolios were finished I was able to stick everything in and sort out all the work I had completed. The tick sheet we were given helped a lot because I was able to keep up with what I needed to prioritise.


Target audience, this was a difficult choice but once we had decided as a group to do 14=years we had to then look at the social media where we would be able to get across to these people, we researched what they like and how we can get our point across to them about the fur trade. We decided we didn’t want to use disturbing photos as the age of 14 was possible not going to want to see this. Therefore we tried to do this in a different way, after looking at Stella McCartney we found a respect animal’s video on her Instagram which inspired us to create our freedom video, using some snippets which would still get the point across but in a different way.

Red Bull Campaign –


I don’t believe this is a great advert for red bull – I feel this is too gloomy. It needs to give the impression that it’s going to give you energy as that’s what the drink offers and I don’t feel like that’s what it’s doing.

It seems like a muscly man but the way the photographer has taken the photo and the lighting position, the man’s back is shaped like the head of a bull. I believe this was a good idea but still doesn’t show ‘energy’ which is what I would have tried to portray in this type of advert.


• Power

• Effective light use

• Looks like a cooked chicken

• Makes me think of anger/aggression

• Strong

• Gloomy

•  Bull

•  Dark

•  Man’s back

•  Muscle

Suggest ways in which the meaning could be altered by changing the

aesthetic components -


For the red bull campaign I believe there are many elements that make the photo what it is, for example the lighting is so important for this because that’s what gives the shape of the bull, therefore if the lighting was changed you might lose that affect leaving it a pointless photograph because after all it is a red ‘bull’ campaign.

The bottom of this photo is also blurred slightly but without this your eyes wouldn’t focus onto where they want you to look which is his muscly, strong back.

Shepard Fairey


Frank Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene.


Born: 15 February 1970 (age 47), Charleston, South Carolina, United States


This artist relates to the project that we are currently doing, fur or fury, because like us they have done posters to send a message across, these posters use a theme of colours which draw your attention towards the poster. These posters were created for political use, sending messages and swaying people’s opinions.


Our video that we are creating is having the use of colours in a way that we will give off the idea of freedom. We use red and yellow covers in a snippet of the video to try and create an atmosphere and feeling of calm freedom. This was to try and make people realise that these animals need to be free and need to feel that way too. They shouldn’t be trapped and slaughtered for our benefit and vanity.

My Opinion


Clearly the argument of fur vs faux is extremely complex and sets many emotions alight. From the cavemen needing to make clothes from pelts we are a long way from not having alternatives. Clearly fur as a by-product could be viewed differently to animals being bred in captivity specifically for the production of fur. Unfortunately the lines are often blurred by the anti-fur lobby (PETA) since although I can support their views when talking about animal cruelty, fur as a by-product is, in my opinion, more acceptable.

Faux fur is not without issue. It is commonly not biodegradable or recyclable causing plastic pollution which impacts on wild animals and the production process typically creates pollution on a much larger scale than curing real fur.

As an animal lover, I have no absolute opinion one way or the other since having researched the topic I can accept the use of fur as a by-product much more than animals being bred for the sole use of human fashion.



What does it mean?

  The copyright law is a law that gives the owner of a written document, musical composition, book, picture, or other creative work, the right to decide what other people can do with it. Copyright laws make it easier for authors to make money by selling their works.


Law -

  The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, is the current UK copyright law. It gives the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the right to control the ways in which their material may be used. The rights cover: Broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. In many cases, the creator will also have the right to be identified as the author and to object to distortions of his work.


What happens if you break the copyright law?

  If you are found guilty of copyright infringement, you can be ordered to pay damages. The amount of damages depends on the amount of lost profits from the infringement and the number of times you infringed on the copyright.


Copyright – how it will impact our work –

  Copyright is going to impact our work and the things we would have been able to do, for example we had thought of a song to play in the background of the video. Unfortunately we will have to choose a different one because of the copyright law. Also we may have used some clips from other websites or social media, but were now aware that this will not be available due to copyright and the restrictions on using other peoples work.

Facts Sheet

Final Evaluation


For this project we had to create a campaign against fur industry, for this we had to research social Medias to see what works best for what we wanted to do, and to see what type of social media was going to attract the target audience that we chose. We had to look carefully at the target audience that we chose and keep within attracting them to the campaign. We have created a video as our final campaign and we have done some posters and little added things to go with this like gifs etc.

I have learnt new things throughout this project, I didn’t know that the fur industry was so inhumane and I didn’t realise that actually faux fur can be dangerous to the environment too as this is not bio-degradable like real fur is, so I have found out many new things about the fur trade and how fashion is involved.

Throughout this project I have been researching different types of social media and the way people use them so that we could then choose our target audience. We chose 14+ because we believe these are the ages where you start to get into fashion you understand things more and you start knowing designers etc. therefore we thought this would be the best age to start at because we could inform them of what they don’t understand, things that happen behind what they can see. I believe we chose a good age for this, after deciding this we then thought about how we should get the point / message across that animals shouldn’t be killed for fur. We have done many surveys on Facebook, twitter and monkey survey that totally gathered nearly 90 replies which we thought was increasable as they were only online for a week. These gave us enough information about what people did and didn’t know and understand about the fur trade. We researched more about who in fashion (designers) still sold


fur and there was more than I imagined, through this research we found a video by Stella McCartney called ‘respect animals’ this video was what inspired us to use the same sort of visual language as she did, this is where our concept come from…freedom. We thought this would work perfectly for both our project video and our target audience because we would be able to create a video that doesn’t have gruesome videos and pictures but that still got the message across that animals shouldn’t be used for our vanity, they should be free.

 I really enjoyed using Photoshop and the other apps throughout this project because I enjoy doing graphical content within my projects, this was an easy was to create posters, videos, GIFs

etc. we also got made aware of copyright, this led to a few problems with the music content etc. but thankfully we were able to overcome this by using a different online tool to get music that didn’t have copyright over.

The brief stated that we had to choose a target audience, I believe we met this because we aimed to create a video campaign that would grab the attention of 14+ and I believe we have achieved than with the music the concept and the social media research that we have done to find out where they would find this best and be able to share with other people to create a wave of following for the video.

For secondary sources I looked at an artist called Shepard Fairey who made propaganda posters he used only a few colours and he used them in a way that was extremely effective. We found after looking at these pictures that colour is extremely important and we thought about this and used specific colours throughout


our video to create the atmosphere of freedom. Also throughout the project I created mind maps to help create ideas to improve my work.

For this project we had to create a slogan that we then printed in the print room from this I came out with some professionally printed posters and a t-shirt that

had my slogan printed onto it. The slogan I used was ‘don’t furget’ ‘they won’t furgive’ I created this as a sequel because I believed this would make people think about what they’re making the animals feel like and making them feel guilty because the animals wont forgive them for what they’ve done and for not stopping what is happening. I also used a play on words ‘fur-give’ to add effect and show that it was to do with the fur industry. Through this project I have been online looking and the different textures that animal’s fur gives to see whether this would be good for our video, unfortunately we couldn’t find any fur in time for the video.


Overall I feel this project has been a success because I feel we met our target audience we obeyed all the copyright rules and we successfully created a video that I felt managed to get the message of no fur across, with the use of our concept freedom.