Final Reflective Writing Task

Condè Nast College,

Digital Content Creation Course

Final Reflective Writing Task

I honestly can’t explain many ways this course has developed me as a person…I was excited but a little apprehensive about doing the course. I knew the moment we all got on zoom; I was going to be just fine – I was right. I never imagined I was going to learn as much as I did, I have so many new things ‘under my belt’ thanks to this course. I had never used Canva before and I now can’t stop using it – I’ve learnt how when creating a piece of work, you should think about how it’s going to affect the person seeing it. I now think about a list of things when I’m creating any type of content, have I been diverse? have I looked at this from all angles? Can I add animation to grab the attention of the viewer?


I can’t believe how lucky I have been to hear from such amazing professionals, some I knew and some I didn’t… I have learnt so much from all of them, understanding how they do their bit for the industry. It has certainly opened my eyes to just how much there is to do and what we as a generation need to get involved with.


I am so excited for whatever is going to be next for me however, I’m not 100% sure at the moment. I’m looking to do another Condè Nast College course in April, hopefully with some of the girls off this course. I would love to visit London and do a course at the college one day!


I just want to add in that I am so so so grateful for everyone who has been on this course, everyone has been so supportive towards each-other and I think we would all agree It makes it much more enjoyable.


Much love,


Georgia Smith x