Encouraging a Culture of Diversity

I had to imagine that I have a meeting with a brand manager. I had noticed a distinct lack of diversity within the office and in the media content, I needed to now need to write a letter of what I’d like to say during the meeting.

Dear Ashley Lawrence,



Having reviewed the social media account, I just thought I would write to highlight some of my concerns. We can discuss these further when we meet.

I fear there is an imminent situation in which we should prevent mainly throughout are social media network but also within the company teams. Looking at our following of 2million, we have done a good job, however we can now do better! Our followers are losing interest, there are brands and companies who are using marketing strategies to gain a wider spread audience - and we need to do the same.


This generation is where change has happened, changes for the better. They create everyone to feel loved, and welcome in society. We need to do this for our customers too, we need to show them that we include everyone no matter what.


Being diverse throughout our brand is extremely important. Showing people how we are stronger together. Social media has been a way for those who didn’t have a voice to have one no matter what size, gender, sexuality, age, ability or ethnical background we are all just people. I think as a brand we should be influencing this, using people we see every day on our journey as a brand. We need to promote that it’s okay to be who you are, never change that.


I want to make it clear to you that this will be the best route for us as a company. This will help us reach a wider range of people, and will help humanise us as a brand, showing people we care about them and they should too. That in turn will help us. However, this is not and will not be used as a power play, this will help our business, but this is being done because we believe it’s the right thing to do.


Yours Sincerely,


Georgia Smith