For this task I had to design a social media campaign to show the rest of the 'company' how an ethical practice works in reality. I had to write a short introduction of the the campaign, outline what I am promoting and my approach and aim. While using the set of questions in the Feminist Design Tool, draft a mini content strategy.

This is part 1 of this campaign - this is an ongoing campaign in which we will be showing how the brand can help individuals using makeup with skin types.  

The first part of the campaign would focus on skin types, particularly individuals with skin conditions such as scarring. The wider campaign would include variations in skin colour and skin types. (Examples: Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Darker tones, Scaly Skin, Red Spots, Skin Moles etc…)

This campaign will be advertising a new beauty collection where the range includes Vegan products and eco-friendly packaging.

We would provide targeted assistance, approaching individual issues for each specific part of this campaign. It appears that common issues with scarring include sensitivity, colour matching and even skin tone. We would look to include an influencer who has suffered scarring, and the ongoing campaign will include people with skin types of each part of the campaign. Having these models to promote the new collection will help deliver the message, however, care would need to be taken not to single out one group to the detriment of a wider audience. Additional care would need to be taken to assure that anyone involved within this campaign is not being used within tokenism.

Social media platforms would be used to provide insights into how this beauty brand can help the consumer as an individual. There will be targeted Instagram Stories, IGTV’s, Facebook Videos and Twitter will be updated with posts.

We would also love to use 3 or 4 of the models/influencers who will be throughout this campaign to model for a set of special magazine front covers.