Dior Decor 

Magazine and Launch Event

Magazine - designed & created by me

A few of the other designs for the front covers I created & The digital animated front cover

  Here is a video to show how I created the mock up magazine using the pages I designed

Front cover in photoshoot form

Launch Event

Digital Invite

Physical Invite

Digital Posters - for London animated billboards

4 Mood boards for the Venue

Showing how the variety of high-profile influencers will draw in a social media audience for the event and how this might look via Instagram and other social media platforms

Dior Décor is an interior and home design company that has worldwide products and connections. There is a monthly magazine to self advertise the products; this will include a few lifestyle, fashion and beauty moments to intertwine within Christian Dior’s brand. The launch event and the new magazine will be released on the 28th of March (the April edition) there will be both digital and physical versions to subscribe to monthly. The digital version is interactive – with QR codes to take you straight to online events, pages and social media accounts. Pages will have animation and some will even have game experiences. The event will be happening at The Vault (Links to an external site.)Old Billingsgate (Links to an external site.)London Bridge Station (Links to an external site.). There will be a truly exceptional guest list with all varieties of high-profile influencers – who will be bringing the party to you via the #DiorDecor @Diordecor social media platforms.  There will be Social media area where Celebs and Influencers can jump on our Live Instagram. As a social media guest, you will be able to visit each room as you please via the VR systems. The venue will be covered with all Dior Décor products, and will be sectioned into colour coordinated areas.