Digital Story Telling

By Georgia Smith

For this task we were asked to explain what our thoughts were on these layout/ designs.

I found this hard to write about because whilst doing this task, I kept looking back at each link...and the more I looked back, the more I changed my mind.

At first, I loved the layout of the storytelling version and the way it entranced me.  The way the text gradually fades in, and the snippets of videos and Gif’s, grabbed my attention creating real engagement. The traditional - still images, black writing, white backdrop, video links - version was informative but didn’t seem to grab my attention as much. 

However, with the traditional design I believe I was actually gaining more information because I was reading it rather than looking at images…Whilst writing this task I found myself looking back...and the more I looked back, the more I found the storytelling version to become dark and sombre. 

Mobile versions and desktop versions of both designs are quite different.  I find I read a lot on my phone and I believe we all do nowadays – whether it is because we are travelling into work (when not in a lockdown) or alternatively, because it’s quick and easy, the mobile versions play an important part.

The way we as people want a story or a message to be received and the way people actually receive it in can be very different. I find it really interesting how people can change the way we perceive and take in information just by a design.

To conclude, I’m confused… I believe that personally I would choose different layouts for different types of reading. For example, if I were sat reading this on a train or reading something that I wanted to grasp complete understanding of, I would choose the traditional version. Yet, If I were reading this sat at home and was reading for interest, I would probably choose the storytelling version as I felt I connected better with it.