Creating Content for Different Platforms

Brand: Declèor

I believe Declèor currently choose Instagram over other platforms because it is the most visual of the social media platforms. They have a pretty good following on Instagram at 57.4k followers.

How would they choose to present their content on other platforms?

I would create TikTok Videos to show the products, do mini tutorials using fun and snappy videos.

 Youtube would be used for different influencers to do a “Declèor with me” series showing product tutorials (like vogues go to bed with me series).

Instagram I would have stunning photography of the products and I would use the stories to show facts and to engage with the followers – finding out what their favourite products are using the polls. I would also run swipe up links to YouTube for the “Declèor with me” series.

Newsletters could be sent out monthly via email and these would be interactive to keep engagement with the consumers. I would include things the company have achieved within the month and keep people updated with facts on products.  I would send interactive scratch off winners each month where you are freely entered into winning a free product all you have to do is interactively ‘scratch the card’.

I would use Podcasts to have a questioning platform, a place where questions are answered about the products. I would want to keep this light-hearted but informative.

I don’t think Declèor would be less authentic being on a new platform, all platforms have different views - they just need to find the best way to engage that particular platforms consumers.

Encouraging direct feedback and getting community spirit can be difficult however by using these social media platforms you are able to read analytics to understand what keeps consumers engaged. The weekly questions being sent in for the podcast will create engagement that will help them use Declèor products. Instagram stories can be used for polls, getting instant direct feedback.

Is this platform too competitive for them? How could they overcome this?

No, Declèor is established enough already that they would have loyal followers that would travel through social sites following the journey whilst also gaining and broadening their following using the different platforms.

I believe they are currently using the best platform for them; however, I believe by using multiple social media accounts they would be able to reach a wider audience.

Declèor’s content is currently great for Instagram, however, it’s not suitable for other platforms because other platforms have different needs - but they can easily tailor their content for those platforms.

How would their personal brand change from platform to platform?

I believe you need to keep some form of alignment throughout all platforms; however, each platform has different desires and audience demographic may slightly change. For example, the podcast will be aimed weekly at different ages to gain different audiences. TikTok would be aimed towards the younger generation because TikTok isn’t often used by older generations. YouTube’s routines will be branded in calmer colours as its more personal, a calmer space. However, I believe branding should stay aligned throughout all platforms whereas the audience demographic may slightly change through each platform.