Dame Judi Dench

“One of the nations most beloved citizens” – Edward Enninful

I believe this remarkable magazine front cover will in time become an extremely iconic piece. Dame Judi Dench, 85-year-old Oscar-winning actor has been placed in a close-up photograph by Nick Knight catching all sides of her beauty; she looks confident, happy and as if she’s in charge of her life. She is the oldest woman at this time to have been on a cover of Vogue. I believe this shows how people are adapting to the fact that age is just a number and that you don’t stop being beautiful just because you get to a certain age. Nick Knight captured the composition of the photo perfectly, and it really draws me into her eyes giving the effect you’re seeing every detail of her. Her subtle yet powerful expression also adds an intensity to the image, it makes you feel up-close and personal to such an inspiring woman. The use of pink tones throughout the font, background and styling gives a brightness and happiness to the photo adding to her endearing qualities. The Dolce & Gabbana floral garment adds to the light-hearted feeling this gives. She’s an iconic and incredible woman who’s done over 60 movies whilst supporting over 36 different charities and deserves to be celebrated in this way.



Styled by @kphelan123 -Kate Phelan.   


Hair by @sammcknight1 -Sam McKnight.   


Make-up by @thevalgarland -Val Garland

Set Design by @tomotattle.  -  Andrew Tomlinson


Nails by @mikepocock -Mike Pocock.     

Photographed by @nick_knight  - Nick Knight

in early February 2020.