Creating a Brand Identity

designing my own brand 

For this we were asked to create a brand and give it a distinct identity through the use of visual and written elements both explaining how it would work.

The logo was created with hand-drawn letters and floral design. I wanted the 'L' to be extravagant so that it was recognisable as the brand on its own. The 'made with kindness' is a touch I added, I wanted the brands slogan to be something that represented what I believe. The brand is kind to the world, it is as sustainable as it can be. I also believe this is a good message to put across in general.

 My brand Lili is aimed at women, we use florals scents and patterns, with pastels colours for a natural feel. We try to be as sustainable as possible with what we do, which I have tried to show within these boards. The brand does Skincare/Beauty, Jewellery, Fashion, Bags and Fragrances - these are all designed around the subject of flowers.

I chose Maeva Delacroix as the Photographer/Film Director, she has a stunning portfolio and captures the natural essence of what she is photographing - her video clips are beautiful and would work great on social media. I also found this Makeup artist who I believe would be a great extra team member. They would be able to create the subtle looks as well as the bolder looks without going over the top - great for any photography for the website, our own catalogue and advertising in magazines.

I also created a second logo; this is a little signature touch for smaller advertisement - whilst still capturing the brands essence.