Beauty Weekend 

Advertisment for Condè Nast College

I have focused on using Instagram as a platform for this task as I believe this is the place for our target audience of 16 – 25 multi-gender. I would like this to be advertised over a period of 5 months, slowly promoting more information, to pique the prospective consumer’s interest.

Throughout designing this campaign, I have researched a variety of previous Condè Nast College’s event marketing strategies. In turn I have incorporated their brand ideals for this imagery and design. It is all about getting the potential consumer’s attention and making them curious to know more, I included animation within these marketing ads as this is a well-known strategy to capture interest and absorb information.

I have put together a small video to capture the aesthetics that I would like to sustain. I included a ‘swipe up’ Instagram post that was developed after looking through their Instagram designs to keep in configuration with Condè Nast College Instagram page.